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Electrical & Instrumentation Work

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Project Name Domain Contractor PO Date PO Values Status
KG Basin_PH-II_Part-3 (Electrical & Instrumentation) Oil & Gas M/s Mideast Pipeline Products 15-Apr-2016 56 Lacs
KG Basin_PH-II_Part-1 (Electrical & Instrumentation) Oil & Gas M/s Tolani Projects Pvt Ltd 22-Mar-2016 88 Lacs
Gujarat Pipeline Replacement Project, Phase-1 A, Part-A, B & C (Instrumentation) Oil & Gas M/s. JPG Engineers 14-Jun-2017 234 LAC
Phulpur Haldia Pipeline Project, PH-1B, Section-A (Instrumentation) Oil & Gas M/s. JPG Engineers 19-Jun-2017 76.47 LAC
Phulpur Haldia Pipeline Project, PH-1A, Part-A (Electrical & Instrumentation) Oil & Gas M/s. Sanmarg 03-Aug-2017 273 LAC
Phulpur Haldia Pipeline Project, PH-1B, Varanasi Spurline (Electrical, Instrumentation & Telecom) Oil & Gas M/s. SLR Constructions 26-Aug-2017 67.07 LACS
KMKRPL_ElectricalWorks Oil&Gas M/sCorrtech 18-Sep-2013 90LAC
KochiPhase-1 Oil&Gas M/sCorrtech 09-Oct-2012 83.50Lac
Vijaipur WTP M/sSofconSystems 23-Mar-2012 32.50Lac
Vijaywada Oil&Gas M/sAEPL 08-Jul-2011 40.70Lac
VKPLSectionD&E Oil&Gas M/sAEPL 08-Jul-2011 32Lac
DBNPL Oil&Gas M/sAEPL 08-Jul-2011 38.20Lac
KKBMPL-Fact2 Oil&Gas M/sJPL 01-Nov-2010 48Lac
AGL-Gwalior Oil&Gas M/sAEPL 05-Aug-2010 24Lac
MeerutCGS Oil&Gas M/sAEPL 29-Jun-2010 28Lac
BNPL-SectionIV Oil&Gas M/sAcePipeline 07-Jun-2010 28.50Lac
Bawana-Rithala Oil&Gas M/sCorrtech 11-Jan-2010 41.50Lac
BNPL-SectionI Oil&Gas M/sTehranJanoob 24-Nov-2009 148Lac
Dadri-Bawana Oil&Gas M/sJSIW 15-Nov-2008 48.50Lac
TPPL Oil&Gas M/sJPL 01-Jan-1970 39Lac
Balance Electrical & Telecom works for SHPL Project Oil&Gas - 26-Mar-2015 197Lacs
KMKRPL_Instrumentation Oil & Gas M/s Corrtech 14-Apr-2012 27.60 Lac